What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Whole Home Improvements Project?

If you are planning to have air sealing and insulation improvements made and receive the incentive from the Whole Home Improvements path under the Home Performance Program, make sure it is eligible by referring to these guidelines. 

If your project or improvements will complete before April 30, 2019 refer to these requirements below. If your project will complete on or after May 1, 2019 please refer to these guidelines.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Air Sealing and Insulation improvements

  • At least 51% of the energy for heating the home must come of a participating natural gas utility or a participating electric utility.
  • Home must have and assessment completed by a participating Home Performance with Energy Star Trade Ally prior to the start of work. For a list of participating Trade Allies go to
  • All work that will receive an incentive must be completed by the Home Performance with Energy Star Trade Ally or their sub-contractor.
  • Incentives are based on the potential energy savings (percent) as calculated by the program software. This savings cannot include updates to HVAC equipment, lighting, appliance, windows or the installation of a renewable project such as solar electric. The Whole Home Path focuses on air sealing and insulation of the building shell (walls, foundation and attic).
  • Savings must be at 10% or greater in order to receive an incentive.
  • All work must follow the Material and Installation Guidelines.

Be sure to review the general program terms here before installing your equipment.

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