What are the eligibility requirements for a smart thermostat?

If you are planning to install a smart thermostat and receive the incentive from the Heating and Cooling Improvements path under the Home Performance Program, make sure it is eligible by referring to these guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermostat much be purchased from and installed by a Trade Ally contractor to be eligible for the $75 incentive. If purchased online or from a retailer, please use the Retail Smart Thermostat Application available at

Smart Thermostats

  • Must be a customer of a participating electric utility. Verify your utility here:
  • Home heating source must be provided by a participating utility. Verify your utility here:
  • Must be purchased and installed by a qualified heating and cooling contractor.
  • Smart thermostat must be installed at the same time as a program-qualified furnace, boiler, or air source heat pump.
    • Does not qualify if installed with ductless mini-split, ECM replacement, or water heater.
  • Eligible models must be selected from the Focus on Energy qualified product list available at
    • Program-qualified smart thermostats must feature integrated occupancy-sensing capability, such as motion sensors and/or geofencing with setback.
  • Smart thermostat must be installed to use with the home's primary heating source for the home's living space.
    • Only homes heated by a natural gas furnace, natural gas boiler or an air source heat pump are eligible for the smart thermostat incentive.
  • Smart thermostat must replace an existing thermostat that does not qualify for program incentives.
  • The customer must establish the Wi-Fi connection for program-qualified smart thermostats.
  • Limit one smart thermostat incentive per home heating system.
  • Be sure to check our pre-qualified equipment lists at

Be sure to review the general program terms here before installing your equipment.

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