What are the eligibility requirements for an indirect water heater?

If you are planning to install an indirect water heater and receive the incentive from the Heating and Cooling Improvements path under the Home Performance Program, make sure it is eligible by referring to these guidelines.

Indirect Water Heater for Home Heating Boiler

  • Must be a customer of a participating natural gas utility. Verify your utility here:
  • Qualified boiler must be installed at the same time and may not be combined with individual equipment incentives.
  • Indirect water heater incentive is not available with boilers that were previously installed.
  • Boiler must have an input capacity less than 300 MBH (Thousand British Thermal Units per Hour).
  • Boiler must be a sealed combustion unit.
  • Only natural gas boilers are eligible.
  • Boiler must be the primary heating source for the home's living space.
  • Boiler must have a modulating burner and include an outdoor-air reset control (integrated).

Be sure to review the general program terms here before installing your equipment.

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