Do you offer any incentives on ductless mini splits?

Yes, we now offer a $500 incentive on qualifying ductless mini splits. It must replace or augment electrical resistance heat in an electric resistance heated home. The unit may be installed as the primary heating and cooling system for the home, or as a secondary heating or cooling system for a specific area of the home. The home must be heated solely by electric resistance heat to qualify. 

More requirements include: 

-Cannot combine with the Air Source Heat Pump incentive
-Limit one incentive per outdoor unit (also known as condenser)
-Must be installed between August 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016
-Must be a minimum of 25 SEER and a minimum of 9.0 heating seasonal performance factor

For the application, please click here. The information can be found at the bottom of page two.



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