What are the 2016 custom incentives?

2016 Custom Incentives

Agriculture, Schools & Government, Business Incentive, Chain Stores & Franchises, and the Large Energy Users programs:

  • $0.03 per kWh saved. $0.02 per kWh saved for lighting projects for LEU customers.
  • $100 per peak kW reduced.
  • $0.40 per Therm saved.
  • Projects are limited to a 1.5-10 year payback window based on energy savings. Incentive amount is limited to 50% of the estimated project cost. LEU customers’ simple payback limit is 5 years based on energy savings, and the incentive amount is limited to 30% of the estimated project cost.

Multifamily Energy Savings Program

Tier 1 Tier 2
$0.05 per kWh $0.07 per kWh
$100 per peak kW reduced $125 per peak kW reduced
$0.80 per Therm $1.00 per Therm


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