How many phases need to be undertaken once we decide to proceed with a RCx project?

There are two phases involved. The second phase is optional: 1) The audit phase, and 2) The implementation phase. The audit phase is performed first. Your RSP performs the RCx audit to Focus on Energy standards and your requirements and delivers it to you. You or the RSP, submits the audit report, paid invoices, and savings calculation work book along with recommendations to Focus on Energy for approval. Upon approval an incentive payment is made to you. The incentive is based on $0.04/kilowatt-hour and $0.40/therm savings. The incentive is limited to 75% of the cost of the audit. If you decide to proceed with implementing the audit recommendations Focus on Energy will pay you another $0.04/kilowatt-hour and $0.40/therm saved. That means you have the opportunity to be paid up to $0.08/kilowatt-hour and $0.80/therm saved!

For more information on the Retrocommissioning Program click here.

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