I paid for my furnace with a (loan, grant, third-party bill-to). Am I eligible for the rewards?

Focus on Energy will not provide a Cash-Back Reward for equipment purchased via grant funding; grants are not repaid by the customer and Focus on Energy will not provide a reward that exceeds the total purchase price of equipment. In the case of grants, the purchase price is effectively zero.

Equipment purchased via funds received from a loan qualifies for a reward provided all other eligibility requirements are met. However, if a third party is invoiced, the applicant must provide proof of loan repayment terms. With loans, the customer is effectively paying for the equipment – just over a longer, defined period of time. An example of a loan includes Rural Development Grants. While labelled a grant, these are actually loans with a fixed interest rate at one percent that must be paid off over a 20 year term. In this example, the customer would provide proof of loan terms (must show loan provider and payee, payee must be customer on application).

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