I am a landlord/property owner of a two (2) or three (3) unit residential property in Wisconsin and I live in one of the units. Am I eligible for the rewards?

If the gas account(s) is in your name, please complete and submit the reward application as the utility customer. However, you do not need to be the residing occupant to participate in the program.

If you are applying for a reward for a residence you own, but the utility account(s) is in your tenant’s name, you may be eligible to receive rewards if:

  • Your tenant’s utility(ies) is participating;
  • You have paid for the equipment and installation;
  • Your tenant has provided you with his/her utility account information for use on the reward application; and
  • You have met all other program requirements.

If you are a residing tenant and do not own the property where the equipment is to be installed, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from the property owner prior to installing the equipment for which you are applying for a reward. Submission of a reward application indicates that you have obtained this permission. Rewards are payable to the individual purchasing and installing the equipment. If the tenant paid for the equipment and installation, the reward will be paid to the tenant. If the landlord paid for the equipment and installation, the reward will be paid to the landlord.

Please note that equipment must be installed in existing single family homes or multifamily dwellings of three (3) or fewer units.

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