I was told I am denied for the Enhanced Rewards Program because my income is over the limit – Why is that?

Some common reasons your calculated income may be higher than you expected are listed below. For specific information regarding your Income Eligibility Application, please contact our office at 608.250.1986.

If you submitted using your 1040 Tax Form via the Express Route – when we review income on a 1040, we are looking for your total gross income, not your adjusted gross income that is shown in line 22 on a regular 1040 (line 15 on a 1040A). To do that – we count all losses as zeros and any non-taxable income. For example: if you receive Social Security benefits, Pensions, or IRAs we will take the non-taxable income total listed in line A and not the taxable income total listed in line B.

If you submitted using the Three Months of income via the Non-Express Route we again are looking for your total gross income. When reviewing wages, we will count your gross wages, not your net wages after taxes.

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