How do I apply for a Tier 2 Reward?

Step 1: Fill out Tier 2 Income Eligibilty application (fillable PDF available for download on the program website here) at
Step 2: If approved, fill out Incentive Application (fillable PDF available for download on the program website here) at

We ask that the Income Eligibility Application be submitted first so that you can confirm your eligibility for the program prior to purchasing and installing equipment. Once the equipment has been installed you will then submit the Heating and Cooling application to verify the eligibility of the install equipment. If the installation has been completed before either application has been submitted, please submit both applications together to ensure speedy processing of your applications. Please note that both applications must be completed for you to receive a reward through the Enhanced Rewards Program.

For these paper applications, fill out the sections with all of your customer, installation, contractor, and income/equipment information. Mail in your application and copies of all supporting documents to the address listed at the bottom of the applications – Income information for the Income Eligibility Application and your Itemized Contractor Invoice/Proof of Purchase Receipt for the reward application.

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