Which application should I fill out?

If you are applying for a general home heating reward, you have two options: the Residential Rewards Program that is open to all Wisconsin residents with participating utilities or the Enhanced Rewards Program that is based on your income level but comes with higher Cash-Back Rewards. You cannot participate in both of these programs, so it is important to determine if you may be eligible for the Enhanced Rewards Program before you submit a Cash-Back Reward application.

Please refer to the table to determine if your gross annual household income falls within the guidelines of the Enhanced Rewards Program:

2016 State Median Income (SMI) Chart

Household Size Annual Income 80% SMI 3 Month Income 80% SMI
1 $34,134 $8,534
2 $44,637 $11,159
3 $55,140 $13,785
4 $65,642 $16,411
5 $76,145 $19,036
6 $86,648 $21,662
7 $88,617 $22,154
8 $90,587 $22,647
9 $92,556 $23,139
10 $94,525 $23,631
11 $96,494 $24,124
12 $98,464 $24,616

If your income falls under the requirements of the Enhanced Rewards Program, please fill out both the Tier 2 Income Eligibility Application which is used to verify your income level for the program, and the Home Heating and Cooling Application which is used to apply for the Enhanced Reward higher Cash-Back Reward for your heating equipment. We cannot process a reward for you under the Enhanced Rewards Program without both of these applications.

If your income falls above the requirement for the Enhanced Rewards Program, please only fill out the Home Heating and Cooling Application for the standard Cash-Back Reward.

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