I don’t see my favorite contractor listed; can I still receive incentives if I do a project with them?

For most programs, yes, you can still receive incentives even if a Trade Ally isn’t in our list. There are some programs that require a Focus on Energy Trade Ally due to the specialized nature of what is offered.

On the Residential side, the Home Performance – Whole Home path requires a Focus Trade Ally since these contractors are trained and certified to do energy assessments and will provide you with the best recommendations to make your home more comfortable.  

On the Business side, there are a few specialized programs that require a Focus on Energy Trade Ally. This includes:

  • Small Business Program
  • Retrocommissioning
  • Express Building Tune Up
  • Exterior Lighting Optimization
  • Common Area Lighting Package

You can encourage your favorite contractor to sign up to be a Trade Ally. There’s no cost for them to sign up.

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