What documentation do I need to include with my Income Eligibility Application?

You must submit supporting income documentation with the Income Eligibility Application. Without this information we cannot determine your eligibility and your application will be considered incomplete, delaying the processing of your application.

You may submit income documentation in two different ways, described below. Please note that you only need to provide one of these types of income documentation, and that the method chosen must be the same for all household members receiving income.

  • Express Income Documentation
    • For this method you will need to submit the most recent 1040 Tax Form for each eligible household members
    • You will also need to submit documentation of any special tax exempt income your household may receive from the following categories:
      • Veterans Benefits
      • Workers’ Compensation
      • Any TANF/W2 support or assistance you may receive
  • Non-Express, or Three Month, Income Documentation
    • For this method you will need to submit income documentation for each eligible household member for the last three months. For example – if you are submitting your application in April, we would want to review household income from the previous January, February, and March.
    • The timeframe reviewed must match for all household members. For example – if one person submits half of January, all of February and March, and half of April, all household members must submit income covering the same time period.
    • All income received must be reviewed – for assistance determining what type of documentation you can submit, please refer to the application, or contact our offices at 1.800.762.7077

Please review the Income Eligibility Application for a list of all counted income types. For specific questions on what types of documents to submit, please contact our office at 608.250.1986.

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