Who is eligible for CSBO?

Customers must be located in the communities and zip codes noted above.  A full list of eligible communities can be found at  Qualifying customers include businesses with an average monthly usage of 40,000 kWh or less in July and August. Where multiple buildings, utility meters, or utility accounts exist on a site, the entire campus shall collectively average 40,000 kWh or less per month for July and August.  A copy of your utility bills showing usage for July and August will be needed, unless otherwise specified.

Eligible customer types include commercial and industrial businesses otherwise eligible for incentives through the Business Incentive Program who operate 9 or fewer locations. 

Customers of the Agriculture, Schools, and Government, Large Energy Users, and Multifamily Energy Savings Program are not eligible for CSBO. Go to to see a full list of Focus on Energy business programs and eligibility criteria.

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