General Service Fluorescent Lamps

The U.S. Department of Energy has issued new energy standards for general service fluorescent lamps (GSFL) that will go into effect January 26th, 2018.  These new efficacy requirements (Lumens Per Watt) will essentially phase out a number of “standard” T8 fluorescents and push the market towards higher performing products.

There have been some early misconceptions that this will eliminate all full-wattage (32W) 4FT T8s all together, but that is not entirely correct.  For example, as of March 2015, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) currently has ninety-seven 32W T8 products that exceed the lumen per watt (LPW) criteria, ≤ 4500K, which the new legislation puts forth.  Also, as with previous GSFL legislations, remaining lamp stocks can still be sold until they are depleted, meaning that these products will likely be on the shelf for at least several years beyond the effective date. 

  • Click here to view the full legislation issued by the Department of Energy.

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