Lighting: Business-Specific

Lighting can be one of the most cost-effective ways for Wisconsin businesses to save energy and money. Energy efficient options are available for businesses of all types and sizes--whether you're a small nail salon or a huge paper mill--there are lighting options that can help your business save money.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFLs)

Replace the standard incandescent bulbs in your business with compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs) in all the fixtures that are on for three or more hours per day. By replacing the light bulbs in just five frequently used light fixtures with ENERGY STAR® qualified CFLs, you can save $60 per year. Today's CFLs incorporate the best features of fluorescents - high efficiency and long life - and produce steady, quiet, warm white light. CFLs also:

  • Last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs so you don’t have to replace bulbs as often, saving time and money
  • Use at least two-thirds less energy than standard bulbs
  • Require fewer watts than incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light
  • Specially marked bulbs are designed to work with dimmer switches, 3-way lamps, recessed cans and outdoor applications

Lighting Control Systems

No time to save energy? Let lighting control systems do the work for you. Daylighting controls, occupancy sensors and timers are a popular and easy way to make sure lights are turned off when you don't need them. Automatic scheduling and occupancy sensors are becoming a main component of lighting design due to simple, tried-and-true energy and dollar savings. Dimming is also emerging in demand-reduction systems designed to dim lights to a specific amount during peak-demand hours, which can result in dramatic energy cost savings for the owner.

High-Bay Lighting

High-bay fluorescent lighting and pulse-start metal halide technologies save you energy and money by producing the same amount of light using 50 percent fewer watts! These systems are ideal for large applications, including warehouse facilities, assembly areas, gyms, garages, loading and staging areas and much more. High-bay lighting is excellent for outdoor needs and indoor applications alike when ceiling height exceeds 15 feet.

High-Performance T8 Systems

High-performance T8 (HPT8) systems are comprised of two components: an advanced high-lumen, long-life T8 lamp and low-ballast-factor electronic ballast. This combination results in energy savings without reducing light output. The benefits are many. HPT8 systems:

  • Save 20 percent more energy than a standard T8 and up to 40 percent more than T12 systems
  • Produce the same total light output as standard T8s, but with better quality light that uses less energy
  • Generate more lumens per watt than T12 or standard T8 systems, which means more light is produced while less energy is used
  • Maintain their light output longer than T12 lamps
  • Enjoy extended life, typically rated to last at least 24,000 hours - 4,000 hours longer than standard T8 or T12 lamps--about two years in a normal office setting
  • Provide better quality light than T12 lamps--HPT8 lamps must have a minimum color rendering index (CRI) of 82 to qualify as high-performance while T12 lamps have a typical CRI of only 60 (CRI is rated on a scale of 1 to 100)

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

The world of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting (also known as Solid State Lighting or SSL) is rapidly expanding. The technology has great potential to save significant amounts of energy and money for Wisconsin businesses and consumers. But finding the right product and the right application is key.

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