Loading Dock

Truck loading docks are critical to the operations of many Wisconsin facilities. But every time a semi backs up to your building, it could be costing you energy and money. 

Loading Dock DoorsLoading-dock door shelters
On a typical dock door, a four-inch-thick bumper absorbs the blow when semis back into a spot. This bumper creates a four- to six-inch gap between the semi and dock door around the entire door opening. When the dock door is open during loading and standby, this gap allows cold air into the building and siphons warm air out. By installing loading-dock seals (also known as shelters), you’ll control heating costs and earn financial incentives for every door you seal on an existing building.

Under Leveler SealsUnder-leveler seals
For easy loading, many facilities have a built-in ramp at each dock door that elevates to the height of the semi-trailer floor. Pits beneath the ramp where the hydraulic lift is located typically remain open to the elements year round. This allows a direct path for outdoor air to infiltrate the perimeter of the ramp and enter the conditioned facility space. Ramp pit seals fill these gaps, minimizing the flow of air between the inside and outside of the building. You’ll save energy for every ramp pit you seal!

LED dock lightingLED dock lighting
A movable, articulating fixture at the dock is critical to light the insides of trucks during loading. Replacing your old, inefficient incandescent dock light fixture with a qualifed LED fixture gives you the high-quality light you need while saving energy and money.



Next time a semi pulls up, make sure you're ready!

Loading docks are a great place to make energy-saving improvements, especially in Wisconsin's extreme climate. You’ll save energy, reduce operating costs, and improve the work environment for employees, all while protecting your docks from the elements. 

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