How to qualify

In order to qualify for this program, customers must:

  • Have a participating Communications Provider*
  • Have a participating Utility
  • Add new service with a participating Communications Provider OR upgrade their current service to 10:1 Mbps or higher.

There are two free kit options available and two that require a $120 copay. Full information on the kits and eligibility requirements can be found at

In order to sign up for a kit or qualify for the program, customers must enroll with their Communications provider. Once you enroll, your communications provider will give you a special code to order your kit.

*Participating Communications Providers are:

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  • Avatar
    Suzanne Andrews

    Is Alliant a participating communications provider?

  • Avatar
    Jessica Wagner

    Alliant isn't one of the communications providers but they are a participating utility. If you are a WI resident that gets gas or electric service from Alliant, you would qualify for the program.

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